Our Administration Team

Alexander Emberson
Practice Manager

I joined Stort Physio back in those good old, heady days of early 2007, when smart-phones weren’t and coffee came in only twenty varieties. Over the years I’ve been lucky to be a part of an evolving business, finding better ways to give more people the right treatment. Before joining Stort Physio I’d turned my hand at many things. From packing bananas and office furniture to arresting criminals and escorting budgets to the Treasury, (slight embellishment there; I actually walked to the Treasury with a friend who’d prepared the work.)

For a while I was with Essex Police in Epping and Harlow; which gave me a crash course in life-experience. Unfortunately, after seeing some of the more harrowing parts of life, I knew I really wasn’t cut out for a life in the Force and stepping aside, I left it to those more suited to handle the task.  

After figuring out that Police work is for people of a stronger constitution, I toned things down and worked for Johnson Controls at GSK, as an archivist. This however was toning it down too much - the vocational equivalent of asking someone to turn the radio down watching as they proceed to bury said radio and soundproof the room.

So I started to look for purpose again.  This I found with the Countryside Agency, specifically the National Parks team, where I helped with the designation of the South Downs National Park. Something I was proud to be a part of. However, when the Lyons Report said; “Thou shalt not clog up the capital with civil servants who, having no such business to do with the capital, shalt - you know, go away.” I needed to find alternative employment. It was fortuitous that at the very same moment Wendy (Mum) said; “We need a Practice Manager. Some sort of ex-police officer, civil servant who’s also good at IT and putting up flat-pack furniture should do.”

So I applied for the position, and was interviewed by our Business Consultant. I was successful and started early 2007. I had left the Countryside Agency’s team of close-knit professionals working for the benefit of the Countryside, to join a team of close-knit professionals working for the benefit of everyone.

As Practice Manager, I’m responsible for the daily operations (no, not that kind of operation) from HR and IT to finance and making tea. Hopefully making it easier for the team to get on and do what they do best - replacing pain and frustration with justified hope and freedom from pain.

Given the eclectic vocational experience I have built up over the past 13 years of working life, I can genuinely say that this is the best place to work. A more motivated and professional team of people would be hard to find.



I joined Stort Physio in 2014, with strong background and lots of experience within customer service.  My background before joining the team was working within the hospitality industry, finally finishing up at management level. So having a smiling face and polite phone voice is second nature to me. 

At Stort Physio my job entails making bookings for new and existing patients ensuring you are seen as quickly as is possible, along with the most painful part of the whole treatment process at Stort Physio - I am the person that relieves you of your money!



Physiotherapy Assistant

Before joining the team at Stort Physio, I spent the previous 11 years employed as a “Function Manager” at an hotel in Bishop’s Stortford.

This role included the planning, organising and carrying out of many varied events which included conferences, weddings, funerals and Christmas parties.

The skills I acquired during this time proved invaluable when I undertook the role of Receptionist at Stort Physio over 3 years ago.

After 2 years working on the Reception desk the opportunity arose for me to look at a change of direction when I was offered the position of Physiotherapy Assistant.

In order to carry out this role confidently, I applied for an intense course on Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, which gave me a better understanding of the working of the human body and the role of the Physiotherapy Team.

On completing this course and reaching the required examination level, I then enrolled on a further course in Holistic Massage.

I aim to continue my training to enable me to practice cancer, lymphatic and pregnancy massage.